Ask, Tell, Dismiss

The U.S. Soccer Federation has unveiled a new video in regards to Ask-Tell-Dismiss.

It's important for officials of all levels to know how to effectively deal with coaches and other team officials who behave poorly during a game.

Watch the video segment Ask, Tell, Dismiss to learn more about U.S. Soccer's recommended approach for taking action towards team officials who fail to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

This content is provided courtesy of USSF .

Click here to watch video

Referee Class for Grade 8


Grade 8 Referee Clinic. July 30th at Benbrook (1655 Winscott).

Referee Re certification. All referees must re certify each year prior to the end of January. Re certification is done online through the North Texas State Soccer Association website re certification course.

If you have questions contact Jorge Polanco or Diane Swanson. The fee is paid upfront and you must make at least an 85.

The test can be taken more than once. If you are having difficulty, contact Diane or Jorge.

To register for the class please click HERE