Team Formation

I don't like a situation that I saw on the playing/practice field. What should I do?

As a parent, the most important thing for you to do is have good communication with your child's coach. Talk to the coach about the situation. We want to encourage good sportsmanship, fun, and safe play.

We rely on volunteer coaches for all of our recrational teams. If you have a young child, please just allow them to have fun on the field. If you have an older child whom you feel is more competitive than the recreational team they are on or whom you would like to be come competitive, you might consider a select club. There are many select leagues in the DFW Metroplex.

Please remember that a recreational team is comprised of many different playing abilities, coaching levels, parent expectations, and referee skill levels.

Team Formation

I liked my child's coach from last year, but I don't want him/her to play with the same kids. What can I do?

You cannot request the same coach but with different players. You do have the option to request your child not play on the same team and be placed back in the Player Pool for random assignment.

Team Formation

How do I get my child assigned to a different coach from last season?

On the registration form, just indicate that you do not want to be on the same team and your child will be removed as a core player from that team. Your child will be placed in the Player Pool for random assignment to a new team. NTSSA rules require that children be assigned to teams in a fair manner. As long as there are more than two teams/coaches in a division, you may request that your child NOT play for a particular coach by designating this in the appropriate area on the registration form.
Team Formation

I would like my child to play on a friend's team or for a specific coach.

We try to honor such requests and urge you to register by the deadline, although we cannot guarantee requested placements.

If your child is a returning player, every effort will be made to place your child on the same team as last season, as long as the coach and team are returning and you've not requested that your child be assigned to a new team. Please keep in mind that it's our policy to place additional players on teams with the shortest roster and without going over state-regulated roster size.

Coaches may NOT request that you play for their team.  This is a serious violation of the recruiting rules.

Team Formation

I want my son/daughter to play in a higher age bracket. Is this possible?

The decision to have your child "play-up" is something that requires careful consideration. Such a request is generally made when a player demonstrates a skill level above his/her age of play and when there is a team available. Such a request should be made to the appropriate age group commisioner and requires board approval if the player is requesting to play up more than 1 year.

Two things to note: you need to register your child in their correct age-group, using the Special Request Form to request that they "play-up."  CISA has final approval of any player requesting to "play-up."