What type of equipment do I need to coach soccer?

At the bare minimum, you need some disc cones (20 or 30 is ideal) and some pinnies. Players can bring their own soccer ball. However, most coaches will accumulate additional equipment over time that can come in very handy. Optional equipment includes:
  • A coach's first aid kit
  • Pop up goals or even portable full size goals like GOLME
  • A dry erase clipboard with a soccer field stenciled on it. Handy for keeping papers together and drawing out things you may try to explain
  • A stopwatch - handy for keeping track of time during matches
  • A small ball pump
  • A colorful keeper jersey and gloves
  • Extra balls are always nice.  It helps keep the practice moving if you don't have to chase balls all the time
For older players - training aids like an agility ladder, hurdles, ball hoops, poles, etc.

You'll notice one item that's not on the list - a whistle. Most experienced coaches won't use a whistle and instead teach the players to listen to what they say.

How much time does it take to coach a soccer team?

This will depend on the type of team and age level of the team you are coaching. Recreational teams will often practice 1-2 times a week and play once a week. So you can expect a commitment of about 3-5 hours total including setup, picking up, etc. Add in an additional hour or so for preparation (practice plans, paperwork, etc).

Regardless of the age of your team or level, you should recruit a team manager to handle all the league paperwork, snack and make-up schedules, etc. It can be a huge help.

A good recreational team schedule to follow is:
  • U4 - once or twice a week for 30-45 minutes each session
  • U6-U8 - once or twice a week for 45-60 minutes each session 
  • U9-U12 - twice a week for 60-90 minutes each session
  • U13 and up- twice a week for 90 minutes each session

What are the field rules for CISA?

The home team is responsible for supplying an adequate game ball for use during the game. If the home team does not have an adequate game ball, a ball from the visiting team can be used.

No jewelry is allowed to be worn by the players during the game except for medical or religious purposes - in this case they must be taped to the body. Earrings of all types, necklaces, and bracelets (including Live Well type bands) cannot be worn during games.

Band-Aids/tape cannot be placed over newly pierced ears during games. All players must wear age appropriate shin guards worn under the socks. In case of a jersey conflict (color), the home team will wear alternate color jerseys with numbers - colored pinnies can be worn over the numbered game jersey.

All pets are strictly prohibited at our complexes. We have experienced children injured by "small, well behaved pets on a leash." We have also experienced animals injured by running children and soccer balls. We will enforce this prohibition. Games will not be started or continued until animals are removed from the complex.

Parent Code of Conduct
1. Encourage good sporting-like behavior.
2. Act as a positive role model by showing positive support for all players, coaches and game officials.
3. Refrain from criticizing game officials or opponents, without them my child could not participate.
4. Accept the results of each game; encourage my child to be gracious in victory, and to turn defeat into victory by working towards improvement.
5. Never place the value of winning over the safety and welfare of the players.
6. Teach my child to play within the spirit and rules of the game.
7. Emphasize that the game is played for fun and the benefit of youth.
8. Remember that soccer is a team sport and will encourage my child to work with his or her teammates.
9. Avoid giving special rewards to my child for scoring, but rather promote the positive, fun aspects of team participation in the game.
10. Under no circumstances, authorize the use of performance enhancing substances.



What do I need to do to become a coach?

All Coaches-Registration/Background Checks
All coaches and assistant coaches need to be registered and have an approved background check.  We are issuing coach cards for all our recreational coaches.  These will take the place of the background check cards that are shown when you are approved. 

You need to register using the coach link on the registration tab.  You will automatically be sent a confirmation email with your Gotsoccer coach account login information.  The background check access is on your Gotsoccer coach account in the gray bar.  You will click either submit new report.  The new report box will bring up an online form for you to fill out and submit. 

Once you have registered as a coach, you will need to email the registrar about signing your coach card.  Thanks so much for volunteering with CISA 

Expectations for a CISA Coach
The coach of a team sets the attitude of everyone around them. This includes the players, parents and spectators. As the coach "the leader of the team" your responsibility is to provide a positive environment in which the children can learn and develop. The lessons that they learn extend beyond the child's soccer skills.

They include how to deal with conflict and how to demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after the game. BISA expects the coach to lead by example and do their very best to provide a positive soccer experience for their team. Please keep this in mind when interacting with players, parents, referees and the opposing team.

Coach Mantras
Primary focus on "development", not "winning" - subtle difference but very important.  Winning is desirable of course, but making it your primary focus, especially your primary short-term focus, will most likely lead to bad decisions in your training program and game execution.


We want our coaches equipped with the knowledge and experience to teach our boys and girls good fundamental soccer. With that being said we will offer coaching clinics before each season. With focus being on the younger age groups first and work our way to the older. Please if you are a new coach and would like someone to come out and train with you and your team and help you get organized for practices do not hesitate to email